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The SeguinTools is a ASPX CSharp web based application used to pull manufacturing data from Oracle databases and alow the user to view the results. This application emplys a Data Access Layer (DAL) to abstract the SQL querys into easy to maintain objects. Other features of this application are reports generation and the abilty to perform statistical calculation on test results.

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The TAMMS Total Asset's Maintenance System was developed for the Australian Housing New South Wales (HNSW) to handle all the business logic in order to generate, assign and bill work orders for the HNSW housing contracts. This system takes email attachment from business logic units and parses and inserts the data into a MSSQL database. The code baseline was written and implemented in coldfusion. This is a complete turn key application that not only adds data to the database, but also runs thru the complete work order creation, assignment and final billing operations. Options were also added to handle the Business Logic Layer (BLL) implementation to ensure all orders were following the required business logic specfications.

Veritech is a company from Australia the specializes in computer security systems. The Veritoken product was done to allow the use of a secure VPN connection on any computer by using a USB memory stick. This allows the use of a fast and reliable VPN connection with the ease of use and portablity. An application was written for them to allow building up a installer and file compressor that takes all the configuration/installer files and links them together into a single small self extracting .exe file that is then compressed onto the USB drive. Once the user inserts the USB token it will allow for an auto intall of the VPN software if it is not installed and then it will establish a secure VPN connection.

This site was devoped in memory of my dad Cliff Grosenbacher in the celbration of his life. Site was written in simple HTML and will be migrating into J2EE format in the future as I have a lot of records to add to this site.